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Assets Under Management

Our Business

1.7 Trillion yen in AUM

Kenedix Group's assets under management (AUM) have continued to grow steadily since its establishment. In fiscal 2010, AUM surpassed 1 trillion yen and the number of investment properties exceeded 600 properties. This is the largest scale among independent real estate asset management companies in Japan. We unrelentingly aim to achieve further growth by flexibly responding to market environment changes and providing investment opportunities on a timely basis to real estate investors around the world.

(As of Dec 2016)

AUM Growth
AUM Performance

Diversified criteria and diversified client investors

The asset classes managed by the Kenedix Group are not limited to traditional asset classes, such as office buildings, residential properties, retail properties and logistics facilities, but rather extend over a wide range, including healthcare facilities. In addition, we provide services to domestic and foreign institutional investors and REITs and other investors of various risk-return profiles.

(As of Dec 2016)

Client Investors
Property Category
Geographic Coverage

Real estate brokerage services

The Kenedix Group leverages the broad and solid information network and relationships with real estate investors as well as the real estate transaction know-how that we have developed over the years to provide brokerage services for the disposition and acquisition of commercial real estate.

Financial advisory services

The Kenedix Group has been providing advisory services that are not limited to ordinary real estate investment, but also rehabilitation of bankrupt real estate related companies, procurement advice and arrangement as well as other various matters. We will continue to leverage our extensive experience and know-how to offer solutions for real estate related investments, which are becoming increasingly diversified and complex.

Case example: Advisory for J-REIT sponsor selection and finance