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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

We will disclose information in a timely manner based on the Principles of transparency and fairness.

We will actively disseminate information through IR and PR activities to enhance understanding of the company.

Stance on Shareholder Returns

We believe that our steadfast commitment to continuously increase enterprise value through active engagement in businesses and by building a solid management base is the most fundamental return that we must provide to shareholders.
We aim to achieve stable results so that shareholders will hold their shares over the long term.

Stance on the Stock Price and Liquidity of Shares

The company's stock price and the liquidity of its Shares are determined by future results and supply and demand in the stock market.

We believe that our stated goal of achieving stable results will lead to a higher stock price in the future.

The supply and demand situation is not something that is within our control. Consequently, please understand that our stock price and the liquidity of our shares could change as a result.

Provision of Information by Third Parties Other Than the Company

In accordance with the principles in 1) above, we have a responsibility to report to investors useful information in a timely manner that helps them understand the company.

Information and opinions provided by third parties other than the company may not properly reflect the state of the company at that time.

The company has no involvement nor bears any responsibility whatsoever with respect to such information and opinions.